CITIC Pacific Limited

CITIC Pacific Limited


We were the independent financial adviser to the independent board committee and independent shareholders of CITIC Pacific in one of the most high profile deals in 2008 among Hong Kong blue chip companies.

Our Role

  • extensive analysis of the deal structure

  • assessment of relevant facts and company financials

  • evaluation of capital and credit market conditions and realistic options available for the company

  • formation of unbiased opinion in the interest of independent shareholders

  • negotiation with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the Securities and Futures Commission

  • answering questions raised during the SGM

Key Issues

  • complicated deal structure involving debt facility, convertible bond and novation of foreign exchange derivative contracts as between the company and its parent

  • highly controversial deal drawing public attention and participation of politicians

  • a deal of this size and nature required an independent financial adviser with deep corporate finance experience and good working relationship with regulatory bodies