NagaCorp Ltd.

NagaCorp Ltd.


We were appointed sponsor, arranger, and joint lead manager of NagaCorp Ltd’s HK$822 million IPO, which was the first gaming company to be listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong via IPO rather than back-door listing, reverse takeover or asset injection.

Our Role

  • pre-listing corporate reorganisation

  • extensive due diligence

  • overall project management

  • industry analysis and valuation

  • coordination of professional parties

  • extensive discussions with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

  • offer structure design

Key Issues

  • evaluation of anti-money laundering measures for the company and overall framework within Cambodia

  • evaluation of in-house casino operational control procedures

  • addressing the Listing Committee’s concerns given NagaCorp was setting a precedent for all future IPO’s in the gaming sector