Joint Ventures

Mergers & Acquisitions

We offer a network built up by the founders and others in the Group over more than 30 years, transaction experience and technical skills that deliver results for Clients. Our track record speaks for itself.

Joint Ventures

In China, a joint venture may be more advantageous than an outright acquisition, and business skills brought by your local partner can be the key to success.

The local partner can be passive or can be one who opens doors and facilitates expansion.

Alternatively, both parties can be actively involved benefiting from each other’s expertise. Finding the right joint venture partner and constructing a suitable vehicle is critical. This requires creativity, transaction experience, international know how and local radar. We offer all this.

For joint ventures, we advise on:
  • The objectives
  • The contribution of the parties
  • The role and involvement of the parties
  • The terms and duration of the joint venture
  • Allocation of revenues and expenses
  • Dispute resolution
  • Exit


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